Every aspect of Bernardo's Training - the staff, the work out programs, the environment - has helped me prepare for excellence as a Division I athlete. For football, perfection is expected both on the field and in the weight room. Matt's speed and agility training has helped me keep up with some of the fastest players in the game, while his teaching in technique has helped me excel in the weight room. In addition, the motivation from Matt and his staff as well as the friends I made in the gym only made the experience more enjoyable and thus more effective. Matt's personally written workout plan helped build me up and get me ready for a great Fall season... The progress I saw only over 3 months was astonishing. I urge anyone who wants to compete at a high level and reach their full potential give Matt a visit.

AJ Caruso - Boston College Football via Ocean Twp H.S.

Five years ago, my son started wrestling as a high school freshman.  He needed to quickly learn a lot about wrestling technique, but it also became quickly apparent that he needed to get much stronger and in much better shape if he was to have any success on the mats.  When he heard that a number of other wrestlers at his club were seeing Matt Bernardo for strength training and conditioning, he wanted to give that a try and he immediately got hooked on Matt’s training regime.  I was impressed to see how fast he developed and how quickly his strength improved.  Long story short he went from "0" wins as a high school freshman to a college wrestler competing to make the NCAA's!! I also had the goal of improving my times in a couple of triathlons that I had signed up for over the summer.  I had started doing Olympic-length triathlons about 4-5 years ago, but I had always adopted a “weekend warrior” approach to my training.  I figured that Matt could help me achieve a better overall fitness level that would allow me to complete one of my triathlons in less than 3 hours. Sure enough, my son, my daughter and I all benefitted from Matt’s training regime.  My son improved his wrestling record significantly from prior years and in his senior year placed second in his high school district, and he’s now wrestling in his college’s D-III program.  My daughter lost over 30 pounds, significantly improved her fitness level and started to participate in a couple of her high school’s athletic teams.  And, I achieved my triathlon objective by completing this year’s NYC triathlon in just under 3 hours. And, as a final point, I should mention that Matt and his staff have always been extremely helpful in guiding us thru our workouts, making sure we have some fun, explaining proper technique, assessing how hard we can push ourselves, and keeping us safe as we progressed thru his various workout levels that continually test you and keep you interested.  In the end, you might be a little sore, but you’ll also be a lot stronger and fitter, and you won’t be injured or hurt.  Matt’s got a great process that delivers results.