How to become a member

  • Apply for a free trial (2 sessions)
  • We will contact you to schedule your 1st session.
  • At the 1st session we will sit down and discuss what exactly you're looking to get out of training.
  • If we are a good fit for each other you choose between a short term and long term membership.
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Many athletes underperform and are unsure of themselves...
We have a training program to BUILD strong, fast, explosive athletes,
So that they develop confidence, stand out, become leaders, and get the recognition they deserve.

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The Bernardos Training Athlete Agreement

  • Athletes will COMMIT to making CONSISTENT training part of your routine.
  • Athletes will learn hard work work in our CULTURE from other successful athletes.
  • Athletes will develop the CONFIDENCE to maximize potential, stand out, and become LEADERS.
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6 mistakes parents make with their athletes

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